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Relay Consulting

We're experts in Relay, the JavaScript GraphQL frontend framework from Facebook.

Services we offerRelay expertise the way you need it

We're your one stop shop for the Relay expertise you need, whether it's the frontend framework itself or a server side implementation supporting Relay you need help with. We offer:

  • Workshops, case studies and evaluation, to answer if Relay is a good fit for your company.
  • Relay training. Remote, on site or other types of arrangements. Whatever fits your organization.
  • Relay expert consultants who help solve your Relay problems. From a few hours here or there, to full time consultants in your team. Whatever you need.

Get in touch with us, and lets talk about what you need.

Long time community membersWe're invested in Relay

We host the Relay Meetup, a global, online Relay meetup

Relay Meetup is a global, online meetup for everything Relay. It's hosted by Arizon, featuring prominent guests from the Relay community and the core team at Facebook.

It's important for us to help bring the technologies we use at Arizon forward.

More on the Relay Meetup

Deeply invested in the Relay and GraphQL community

Having used Relay and GraphQL in production since 2016, we're deeply invested in the Relay community. Here's a few community related things we're currently doing:

Get in touch with us, and lets talk about what you need.