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GraphQL Contributor Days

Gabriel was invited to GraphQL Contributor Days, to join the discussion on the current state of GraphQL.


Relay meetup: Microsoft Teams and the lessons from Relay

We talked to Eloy DurĂ¡n (Microsoft Teams) about how he's leveraging his Relay knowledge to improve how Microsoft Teams is using GraphQL at the client side.


Relay meetup: Parabol.co

We talk to Matt Krick from Parabol.co, an open source first product company, about how they leverage Relay to build a highly interactive, real time product.


Gabriel on emelletv

Gabriel was invited to emelletv, a new casual live stream about ReScript/ReasonML/OCaml. Among a ton of other things, Gabriel's love for ReScript and Relay was talked about, as well as his thoughts on picking suitable technologies for building startups, like we're doing with Arizon.


Fredrik Lange joins Arizon

Fredrik, a Kotlin, GraphQL and Node specialist, is our latest addition to the team.